Saturday, March 14, 2015

How To Make 1 Million Satoshi Per Month Easily And Passively

If you want to get into the world of Bitcoin, you can either buy it using your credit card, or make it using cloud mining, faucets, survey sites, and gambling sites.

In this guide I will show you:
  • How to make your first BTC online.
  • What sites to use.
  • And how to utilize the Bitcoins that you get to make more Bitcoins passively!
If 1 million satoshis a month passively seems like a lot, trust me, it's truly not. It's only 33K satoshi per day, and you can start earning that much passively within a month.

The Plan

You might want to know what the plan is before we start, so here it is!
  1. The first week you will be making around 10K-20K satoshi per day from faucets and tasks on Coin Tasker. (You can make 30K-50K easy if you put in at least an hour per day on the right sites)
  2. The next week you will keep on working on faucets and Coin Tasker, but you will also start investing as much BTC as you can into PokerAM because that's how you'll make money passively in the future.
  3. The next couple weeks are going to get progressively easier as you start making more and more money with PokerAM.

The First Week

To start off you should sign up on all of the faucets below (10 seconds per site), and spend at least 10 minutes a day in total checking them and getting free Satoshis.

If you're constantly at your computer, or you're completing Coin Tasker tasks, then you might want to focus on faucets that let you claim every 10 minutes.

However if you don't have a lot of time, then you should just claim every hour and do some tasks when you have time. 

Keep in mind that CoinTasker pays out in ╬╝BTC and one of those is equal to 100 Satoshi.

If you choose to use only one faucet, you should use the most popular one called because if you register under my link, I make an extra 50% of what you make, and I share 75% of that with you! (So if you make 1 BTC, you will get .375 BTC from me!)

10 Minute Claim Faucets

  • Play Bitcoin- A very fun and simple site. Pick the image of a creature that you think is cutest, fill out the captcha and earn 200 satoshi. If the animal that you picked has the most votes after 10 minutes, you get a bonus 100 satoshi. (Easy 1500 Satoshi/hour)
  • CMMMonitor- Fill out a captcha and get between 173-863 satoshi every 10 minutes. (1038-5178 satoshi/hour)
  • FreeBitcoinUSA- Same as CMM Monitor.
  • FauCoin- Win between 100-5000 satoshi every 10 minutes. (600-30000 satoshi/hour)
  • MoonBitcoin- Claim every 5-10 minutes to get 100-180 satoshi, or wait a day to get 1666 satoshi. You choose when you want to claim!

Highest Payout Faucets

  • You can win between 600-60,000,000 satoshi per hour, and if you sign up under me you will get 75% of all of the referral commissions I make.
  • NeoBitCoin- Get between 300-10000 satoshi every 30 minutes. They have two captchas you have to do: a text one and a "game" one right after.
  • BitPrepay- Get 200-10000 satoshi every 30 minutes.
  • Surf24- They pay out 500-1000 satoshi per hour. The get satoshi button changes positions, but usually it's near an ad.
  • WebWMZ- The same as Surf24.
  • WonderlandCoin- Win between 200-5000 satoshi every 30 minutes.
  • WeLoveBTC- Win between 300-10000 satoshi every hour and win lottery tickets for a chance to win 100,000 satoshi. They also give you a 15% bonus if you cash out between 5000-10000 satoshi.
If any of the above faucets don't work, please comment below and check out to find some other ones.

You should also register on CoinTasker and complete tasks to get to at least 10K total satoshis per day.

Week 2

Keep working on the above faucets, but also create an account at PokerAM and start depositing money there until you get to .1BTC. 

To make 1 million satoshi passively every month, you need to invest at least $30, which is definitely doable in the span of a month from faucets and tasker.

12% monthly return is unheard of in the real world as most people are happy with a 12% yearly return, but with PokerAM you can turn your $30 into $120 in a year. That's a 400% return in a year!

The more you invest the more you make, and the harder you work at the beginning, the harder your money works for you later on!

Week 3-4

Keep working on the faucets and tasker, and keep reinvesting your money into PokerAM.

Once you are at a point where you're making 1 million satoshi a month passively, that's when you should start thinking about creating your own faucet or gambling a bit with the money.

However, nothing is stopping you from using the above method to start making 2,3, or even 4 million satoshi per month completely passively. The sky is the limit!

Bitcoin Gambling (Not Recommended)

If you're feeling lucky you can try gambling some of your Bitcoins.

The fastest way to make some quick satoshi is on FreeBitcoin in their multiply BTC section. Set it to a simple Martingale, and set the bet odds to 2, on lose increase the bet by 100%, and Stop Betting once you reach either 1/2 of your total Satoshi, or when the number of rolls is done. 

The number of rolls is the amount of satoshi you're going to get from running the autobetter in total.

I recommend as it has a faucet that gives you 200 Satoshi every 3 minutes at the beginning, and once you wager a total of 1 BTC (doesn't matter if it's from the faucet or not), the amount you get from the faucet increases!

They have 40 levels total, and the higher your level is, the more money you get from the faucet.

I'd recommend using Martingale until you've wagered .01 BTC, then talking to people in chat because from time to time people randomly tip others. (50K-150K satoshi)

Then you should Martingale until you've wagered 1 BTC, and then use whatever strategy you think is best because at this point you will be making more and more from the faucet!

You can also try which is a very good site for Martingale as you can beat the house if you play the right way!

Creating Your Own Faucet

To create your own faucet, you will need at least 1 million satoshi to get it going. (10+ million recommended).

You can either code your faucet from scratch, or use the FaucetBox faucet script to quickly get started.

Either way, you'll need an investment of at least $10 for a domain, hosting, and then you will need more BTC to be able to give out money to people.

Monetizing Your Faucet

You can monetize your faucet using the various BTC only ad networks, or you can use ad networks that pay in USD and then buy BTC using the money you get. (Not recommended)
  • Anonymous Ads-A completely anonymous pay per impression and click ad service. They pay you when you reach .0001 BTC.
  • Put up a "banner" on your site and advertisers can bid BTC to get their banner shown.
  • Coin URL- Another pay per click ad system that you can also use to shorten URLs!
Thank you for reading! If you have any other ideas, or corrections to making more satoshi, please tell me in the comments below.


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